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Hands-on treatment of Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial in your recovery or maintenance - for want of a better word, but evidence shows us that a multimodal approach is needed. 

Exercise is important. But how you spend your time, the way you move or don't move following an injury and in every day life, is arguably more important. Lets face it, the hour we have in an appointment is 0.59% of your week! The exercise needs to be done.

With most injuries in the acute phase you need to implement techniques to manage the pain, promote blood flow and encourage movement. You then need to start rebuilding the tissue with movement and exercise, but most people do the opposite.

The natural response to an injury is to protect the area, which is great in the early stages, but this can quickly turn into fear avoiding behavior. Fear of pain leads to less movement, the area becomes deconditioned and the likelihood of re-injury and the development of chronic pain increases.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"

Frankin D. Roosevelt

What can Exercise do?

  • Break the fear avoidance cycle

  • Improve tissue capacity

  • Boost confidence

  • Promote autonomy

  • Grow resilience

At Twenty 11 we will keep things simple and easy. When indicated exercise will be introduced in a step wise manner to get you back to or keep you doing, what you love. 

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